Sunday, August 01, 2004

There's circus tent in my backyard right now. First time for that to be sure, though the clowns have been here long before it arrived.

Weeeellll.....this was the site of the wedding feast for Jason and Andrea, who were married with their respective families and the Hester community in attendance....right in our own living room.......

....again, another first for us.

This has to have been one of the holiest moments I can remember in a while. Weddings are like this for me....especially when there is such high relational investment in the people who are being wed. It began just a few weeks before when I officiated Eric and Christi Osterday's wedding (Veritas' very first wedding), when upon seeing Christi appear adorned in white to walk down the aisle, I was just swept away by the purity, the beauty and the holy mystery of it all.

And here in our living room, I was taken again by the presence of the Christ who so obviously takes delight in holy matrimony. Suffice it to say, I didn't even make it halfway through my reflection before I was teetering on the brink of blubbering outright for joy and for the immensity of the depth of our relationships that were being clarified in that kairotic moment. The beauty of it all was it's simplicity....everyone officiated in some way. Everyone contributed either in worship leadership, prayer, encouragement, laying on of hands, blessings or just merely being there. If we weren't all at some point a blubbering mess, we were pretty close. Especially when we surrounded Jason and Andrea in a circle of affirmation. That was simply powerful. What a wonderful community I have....I love my church.

Two weeks, two weddings....two beautiful couples whom I love and adore.....two wondrous outpourings of the Spirit.

Godspeed, Jason and Andrea......I shall not ever forget this day.