Monday, July 26, 2004

Jason Birchfield and Andrea Sinders be gettin' the Hester House this Saturday!

I am magnificently stoked for this celebration. I can say that in 14 years of ministry, I have never been a part of something as uniquely sacramental and communal as this. Right here, in our house, in our living room and backyard, a young man and woman will matrimonially take one another in the presence of God, their families and their community of faith. Two families and one church will come together and pretty much spend the entirety of the evening as participants in what isn't really a "service," but in the continuity of serving one another. For the respective families involved, such goings-on will seem rather peculiar and foreign and we are taking that into consideration. Our number one aim is to minister to and show hospitality to the respective extended families of the bride and groom-to-be and it has been fun to sift through all of the angles we will work to acheive this as a house church.

The simplicity that will mark this celebration this Saturday perfectly represents who Jason and Andrea are and hope to become. As some of my readers know, Jason did an internship with us last year and he and Andrea facilitate another house church here in Oxford. The potential of this couple is astounding and they are so far ahead of the curve now that it ain't even funny (especially when I look at where Cathy and I were 12 years ago). They haven't seen anything yet.