Monday, November 18, 2002

"We don't need another hero."
-Tina Turner

Monday, November 11, 2002

Just watched Waking Life by Richard Linklater. Poses the question (as those of you who have seen it know)...."are we sleepwalking through our waking life or wake-walking in our dream world?" Found myself sitting transfixed at times (like the unnamed main character)........eyebrow cocked, scrubbing my chin, wading alternatingly through the hubris of empty philosophy and chewing on nuggets of wisdom. A young man returns to his town, where years ago a young friend showed him the words with a folding paper toy: "dream is destiny." He seems to be in a dream but can't awaken as throngs of ideologues engage him, pouring out their worldviews with passion. Not much in the way of Judeo-Christian perspective (if any), but it is a surrealistic and worthy contemporary reference (if not a roll call) of philosophical approaches from historical thinkers ranging from nihilism, Darwinism, empiricism, positivism to passionate existentialism- as they might play out in the hearts and minds of "everyday" people.

If the movie is (arguably and at the least) a partial "who's who" on Christianity's contemporary rivals, who amongst us is helping formulate the new Christian apologetic in this pomo transition? The world hosts it's philosophical roundtable and too few of us in Christendom have taken a seat. So, in the shadow of academia, Miami-style, we stand somewhat accused. Just a bit, though because we at least do have plans.

Thursday, November 07, 2002

I think now I am over the shock of losing our gallery come May 2003. That eerily familiar sound of getting peed upon came and went. Rich guys need more money, I guess.........buildings must come down- even ugly ones being re-vamped for the overall purpose of serving others. But that happens a lot 'round here in these parts....big guy vs. little guy in an economic game of crash up derby except the little guy doesn't get to use a car. But really, I'm over it.

I am so over it that I am starting to believe that maybe our vision was too small. But God help me not to think that I am the one to trek up the mountain, get the vision and come back down to the commoners, saying, "lookie here." Someone else has got to see it, right? When Buzz the Coffee Shop folded late this summer, the marginalization monolith that is corporate America chalked up another casualty. That was about the same time we were getting a whiff of our destiny with the gallery. Now, the tangential masses that called Buzz "home" are once again out in the cold, noses pressed up against the picture windows of the establishment. Only the spectre of what was and what could be haunts the innards of that old building. I gaze through dirty windows there rather wistfully asking God what's going on here.

You know, I don't know if God has a plan for that space, with our people and if it involves Veritas. I just don't know yet. But if money were no object..................

On we go on looking for a physical location wherein we can take root. Here now, I dispense with baby faith and ask God for the go for broke. I am weary of safe ministry. I am starting to loathe the glassy harbor in which I am moored while a storm rages at sea. For the love of God, isn't this boat seaworthy?

Monday, November 04, 2002

Oh and guess what? I am quitting that punk-butt paper job. It was good at first but being tied down 365/24/7 didn't fly well with the wifey and doggie. They are right.

Okay. So I haven't been blogging. I thought I would spin a web in what I presumed would be my relatively obscure corner of cyberspace......piddle a bit........... until I could emerge as a hardy denizen of the blogmos.

I took a look at my blog site and thought "I'll learn a little HTML." That was a month ago and a "little" was all I've learned to date. My blog teeters still yet. I had hoped to get it real cool-like with pics and other neat stuff and get it organized better by my own bad self.

After sifting through the charred ruins of that nifty idea, I think I'll splurge and ask my new friend Alan Creech to whup up a blog that freaks......especially since I have been exposed by Kevin as a neophyte blogger (by the way Kevin, after the trek up to Greenhouse last Saturday, I am thoroughly convinced that your family ROCKS!......especially the kidlets..........thanks to you and Tracy for letting me bum the ride- you guys are awesome........and tell Zoe to "look at the pits!").