Friday, December 31, 2004

I think we're gonna go buy a reefijjrayter. Scary stuff.

Saturday, December 25, 2004

Having a love jones for a bucket of soapy water, a hose, and my mange-ey tail in front of the Helement with intent to wash its caked and salted surface. But the frikkin temps ain't gonna let me.

Looking forward to getting back to O-town actually. I wanna see the remnants after the historic pounding we took. I haven't seen things since we left Wednesday at about 7 inches of snow. Can't wait till I can post a pic of the 18-wheeler that almost hit us while we were bout stuck on Ice-Eventy-Five in Cincy. Grace again to the Brownhouse.

One more celebration to go tonight at thee ol'ladee's house with her pipples. More fuud, none of which contain needed nutrients so I gess a return to a more structured eating plan soon. Yeah right.

Thursday, December 23, 2004

Well, after an icy adventure in Cincinnati that included a life-saving excursion to the very godly and hospitable folks at the Brownhouse (who graciously took us in), we are finally in Tennessee for the holy days.

Having come through this storm, I do not want a Tender Tennessee Christmas (not that that was ever possible). Now, I prefer my Xmases rather gruff and meteorologically unruly, thank you.

I'll post about our journey with pics soon after the whirlwind ride down south.

Sunday, December 19, 2004

Highlights From This Week...

Pokkit-Tankin' the heck outta the Jaylord (1.5-year win-loss record is: Glennda=148 and the Insanitor=115......I even spotted him about 10 games)

YMCA promotional literature in places where they should not be (like my home)

Fite-Klubbin with Marsh and the
Felter of Kline

Thursday dinner with the Android, the Doc, thee ladee and eventually the Lord of All Jays

Watching Spen defeat cloppers, monster frogs and other various and sundry nasties in Serious Sam

Having tha Doc in-house this weekend

Having the Doc with me stripping floors

A 35 minute power failure delay with 4:03 left in the Anderson vs. Walnut Hills blowout girls varsity basketball game

Coaxing Dave-O, Spen-Doc, and Senior Fok to assist in cleanup duties

Xmas break

The arrival of true arctic air

Saturday, December 11, 2004

From the "Say Whutt?" Department

Today I received a message from an Information Security Specialist in Atlanta, Georgia claiming that he had been receiving automated phone messages from a Veritas Church in his area that was starting a new church and was soliciting potential members. He did a web search and found my name as a registrant on Veritas' web site and subsequently called to leave the message, voicing his disapproval, albeit in a civil manner. He was well-spoken, polite yet obviously perturbed at receiving 4 calls in the last two days. I would be as well. He also alerted me to the possible FCC violations for such solicitation.

I called him after returning home from work and explained to him my befuddlement at such goings-on. I explained our situation and that we were in Ohio and we have never engaged in mass-promotional outreaches. We both agreed to further contact to amend the situation after a helpful conversation.

1) A new church is starting in the Atlanta area and they have chosen a sweet name, but a nefarious way of contacting people......


2) The Jaylord has gone high-tech in his hucksterage and one-upsmanship (least likely).....


3) Some bandit has hijacked our information/name, etc. in hopes of duping someone into giving up their own sensitive information in a scamming attempt(not as likely either)......

4) Or, someone who knows us knows what they are doing and they are very unfunny and God will deal with them accordingly I'm sure.......

Friday, December 10, 2004

Something I Bet You Don't Know About Me

I cry more than my wife when watching movies.

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Not much here.

Friday, December 03, 2004

Just read in the House To House (H2H)newsletter that Neil Cole and Tony Dale will be part of a 50-person think tank in December at Campus Crusade's HQ in Orlando. The focus is to be upon how the church can/should function to reach those currently unchurched.

It sounds as if Cole and Dale will be the voices for the simple/organic church way. I don't surmise that they'll be the lone voices, but they are amongst "very well
known leaders of denominations or para-church ministries."
I'm not sure what that means really, namely in terms of what Crusade (or anyone else for that matter) expects from this gathering.

Props to Cole and Dale......but why are we still calling think tanks together as if we need to discuss how the church can/should function to reach those currently unchurched?

Okay........I essentially and formally understand why, but what are the implications for simplicity and organicity in disciple-making for monolithic structures that already function well within a framework deeply entrenched and well esteemed? Are we just talking/comparing paradigmatic preferences here, seeing which can fit or not? Simplicity and organicity are not easy paths nor are they mere options to include for the sake of pragmatism. What we should be talking about are to form, nurture and keep them. And then we should talk about the cost for befriending lost people in the currency of our time, energy and creativity investitures and the impact on revered structures. Maybe then we can talk structure. Perhaps that will happen.

Yes, Cole and Dale are practitioners, but they are also invitees (with a required reading list with 3/4 of the books simple-church-friendly). Based on the Who's Who list, it would seem Crusade wants their think tank to have implications
far beyond the campus, but then again, what will the implications for the campus- Crusade or otherwise? Are lost people going to be any less lost once we settle on a structure? Are they going to really care whether we are for simplicity or hierarchical organization?

I don't know if we still think the biggest hurdle is pulling off the think tank or actually just getting out there and doing it.

Perhaps I can be blamed for being envious that some can toot their shofar and summon the influential and BANG!......we have a think tank. Still yet, I remain unimpressed.

There is something greater at stake that exceeds whether or not we are Neil Cole, Tony Dale, Campus Crusade or a pastor at Veritas. I'm not dissing the think tank per se and I believe God can bless such a thing. Nevetheless, a tank is and always has been something that keeps that which is inside from getting out (and vice-versa.