Thursday, August 30, 2007

Figured I'd post since I've been reticent for the last 21 days. I guess I can surmise enough has been going on to direct my attention elsewhere, as such seems to be the case with blogging buds who've slipped the surly bonds of the blogosphere into other ethereal freedoms. But it doesn't mean I don't want to write.

So much seems to be happening around these parts and I'm really trying to grasp something I can recognize. I'm changing, Veritas is changing, people around me are changing. Not all of it is healthy change. And not all of it is within my influence, though it doesn't mean I haven't tried. And that doesn't mean that it should be controlled by me at all. People just float along not really seemingly aware of how the decisions that they make and the things they say, do (or don't do) impact those around them.

Some things bode well for the future. I have been mentoring a church planter here in Oxford for the last several months who I've just simply come to adore (along with the whole planting team). His heart is solidly in the right place, he has a love for this community, for the students and for his planting team and God is doing some neat things in them even as new as they are. In just a week and a half of school, 10 students have become Christ followers. Some crazy God-stories are already happening too (including one of the pastors getting run over by a car and living to tell about it).

We are gearing up in plugging a young lady into the mobile home park as part of what we are praying is the center of some God-activity happening there. She has bought a mobile home at the entrance of the park, is stoking some things dream-wise and Veritas is going to come along-side her because we believe she is only going to be the first of several who will be part of an intentional community to anchor that section of town. She knows she's called, we've affirmed that (things are happening relationally there too) and we're just waiting for God to give some more specifics.

Cathy has just begun a prayer group at her school, where she and some other teachers are going to gather once a week before school in one of the rooms and just pray. Such stuff is the nectar of weary church-planter guy (like me), looking to suckle some sweetness wherever he can find it.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Hottest I've seen it since I can remember.....hit 99 today at my weather station at 1361 Dana here in Oxford. Hit 104 according to the thermometer in the car (which was the temperature near the pavement). Excessive heat warning, severe thunderstorms today (not here of course) and even a 'nado in NYC. Good weather day all around I'd say.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Testing...Can You Help Me Out?
Okay. I need someone...ANYONE to just leave a comment on my blog to let me know people CAN comment. You don't have to interact.....just say something. I don't know if things are working right, although I can comment.