Saturday, May 29, 2004

"The Day After Tomorrow"

Does It Bite?

A Munkebite Review

Not much to spit at here. But I am an avid disaster movie buff and as disaster movies go, The Day After Tomorrow. wasn't really all that bad...... as a disaster movie. Yeah, they took creative license to accomplish in an hour-and-a-half what could climatologically only take place in five years, if even that quickly. And who wants to sit in the theater for five years?

Has some cheese in it and some far-fetched meteorology (which was why I went), but what the hey. It's post 9/11 and NYC can now be destroyed again. It did come close to OD'ing on the cringe meter tho. The angst-slapped Gyllenhaal juxtaposed to the cuddly-cute, big-eyed Emmy Rossum and their mutual love attentions weren't even superficially believable. The dramatic close-angles of an emoting Dennis Quaid and the soap-opera-ish croc-tears of Sela Ward were almost as strained as the super-cold tropospheric cold pouring over what's left of Manhattan.

The real star was the special FX. (Repeat that to yourself over and over when you go see it). After suffering through some tawdry tarnada anomalies (even for Hollywood) with Twister in '92 and having viewed the real thing on several dozen personal videos, (other people's, not mine, Spen)- several dozen times-, it was refreshing to see the FX wizardry as gargantuan funnels plunder Hollywood. And I was watching it closely....I know how these things churn and burn. They were the closest I have seen yet to the real thing (excepting size and number in proximity). At least on first viewing.

The cheese contained was the tired political slant woven throughout concerning global warming. Heard it before....been there, done that.....and before the syrupy sap of the environmentalism hardened irrevocably, we were doused with another dose of disaster FX, (thank you, movie). The CG animated wolves left a bit to be desired however. Apart from the V.P. Cheney-look-alike dopey Vice President; the heroic Al Gore-ish-looking Prez who seems to "get it;" the shameless plugs for Fox News and the Weather Channel (but you HAVE to have TWC).......the rest of the movie is stomach-able, with a mildly humorous irony regarding Mexico from the German-born Emmerich, who brought us The Patriot and Independence Day.

Stunningly, the movie is just an hour-and-a-half long, and that in the age of blockbuster 2 hour plus action flicks. There were numerous sub-plots, almost too numerous to satifactorily do justice.

This ought to be the first year that a tornado gets an Oscar nod.

2 Out Of 5 Bites

Sunday, May 23, 2004

....oh....and here were our compadres for the picnic.....Jasunke and Andrea, keenly betrothed to be married. And for kicks, they will be doing so in the Hester House come the end of July. New thing for totally rocks in my book. Gonna be awesome.

This beastly monstrosity stealthily made it's way to my leg with apparent horror in store by the looks of its demonically-infused rage-eyes. Immediately, the other three people I was picnic-ing with flung into action with the other male wrestling the marauder to the ground whilst the lady-folk fell prostrate in prayer. After a lengthy battle, we did emerge victorious over said villain.

The STOOPID Bloggerbot/Picasa/Hello pichosting service Blogspot sponsors absolutely SUX! The useless thing won't EVER let me sign in with my name and pass....I have to change it repeatedly. And that's when the STOOPID sign-in screen doesn't post its STOOPID message, "Re-Log In After 5 Seconds..." Sure thing. Am I the only one having probs with this thing?

It's a good idea in theory, Blogspot,


And by the way, you are reading this b/c no one answers email at Hello! support. This is not a is a fumarole.

Hello? Hah.


Friday, May 21, 2004

How would you like yer punk-tail pegged in the nugget with this monster?

It fell a few weeks ago in the Attica, Kansas tornadic event.

Oh, and here's the day's Infinitely Imbecilic Aspiration of the Year.........

Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Well, here's all our bad sefs this past Saturday just yards away from the entrance to Laurel Cave and mere minutes away from the downpour that ensued AS SOON as we hit the entrance. Giant waterfall entrances, white marble "tube" caving, bats, wading and crawling in water and interconnecting passageways made for great times. What a great trip this was and what a great group of people to be underground with. Posted by Hello

Tuesday, May 18, 2004

This is my new favorite show. PBS' latest installment in "experiential history" is quite captivating. All you church planting types with a penchant for this stuff will be struck by the juxtaposition of a small 1628 community bonding around simple survival to the pettiness of our 21st century struggles in "community." Many useful analogous references to building Kingdom communities for our day and time.
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Thursday, May 13, 2004

Looking out the entrance of Laurel Cave in Carter Caves State Park, KY. Posted by Hello

Getting ready for Laurel and Horn Hollow Caves in KY.....this is looking into the entrance of Laurel. Posted by Hello

Tuesday, May 11, 2004

These guys are Veritas' FIRST ever couple to be wed. And this is Christi and Eric at their recent wedding shower we threw for them. Can't wait to experience this with them come July 17th. Posted by Hello

Saturday, May 08, 2004

Is the pursuit of simplicity ever anything more than a retreat from a more unnecessarily complex existence to a decidedly more simple one? If we have to "focus/concentrate" on it, do the simple complexities of that expended effort defy the goal of simplicity itself?

Tuesday, May 04, 2004

I love it when Veritasians make it big......literally.

My man, David Dotson done made the Tempo section of today's Cincy Enquirer. This guy's a fantastic artist and an even better friend.

Saturday, May 01, 2004

I surrender. Comet Bradfield got my goat and I got nothing. I fear it is fading to favor the Southern Hemisphere observers. But I did get up earlier than I have in aeons. There is something I just love about mornings when I can muster the intestinal fortitude to get up for one. But, alas- my schedule doth not permit such an anomaly. I am a second-shifter and do most of my work while most of you are schnoozing. But I love that too.

How about doing something different this week? Seek the Creator's presence in his creation around you. When was the last time you allowed yourself to be absorbed into the created order and just basked in the spectacle? When did the sheer magnitude of the night sky take your heart hostage to a concert of God and self? When last did the joy of the immensity of the cosmos supplant all your earthly cares with Wonder? There is profound disciplined solitude in the mysteries of the realms above (well, there really is no "above" away from earth). God fashioned this (and all potential other) universe(s). God's "out there" too.

"Whither shall I go from thy spirit? or whither shall I flee from thy presence?"
Psalm 139:7