Sunday, August 17, 2008


It appears at least one person got the storm on video at the time when there may have been a tornado on the ground. The National Weather Service confirmed an EF 0 (75mph winds) touchdown on a farm near King Road about 3 miles SW of Oxford and about a mile from our house.

This video is from Kehr Road, about a mile east of the storm. It's the only video I know of concerning the event in Oxford.

This is another segment from the same videographer. At about 1:17 through 1:38, look at the bottom right of the sky near the horizon as he zooms in. It could be scud cloud associated with a rotating feature or a difference in contrast between two cloud features at different distances from the videographer's perspective, but it does really favor a the behavior of a quick funnel cloud, at least in this shot. The resolution isn't good enough to tell, but I'm willing to bet that it's a two different areas of the storm- one receiving more light than the other. The motion of the features relative to each other give the visual impression of a funnel, at least in the shot I'm focusing upon. Great, great video, nonetheless. I was wondering if anyone in Oxford had caught it on film.