Friday, August 13, 2004

Perseids: 213
Sporadics/Minor Shower Meteors: 13
Observation Window: 310am - 530am
Highest Hourly Maximum: 120 at 400-430am
Limiting Magnitude: 5.5
Conditions: Clear, 53 Degrees
Remarks: One bright fireball, with a persistent train that lasted 30 seconds and bent in the upper atmospheric winds

Not bad....right on my forecast (of course), the cloud deck departed at 3 am and revealed pristine dark skies, stars shimmering like so many diamonds in black velvet.

Kim and Ian came, making it a total of 4 pipples for the party. It was a great show with sometimes 2-3 meteors shooting at the same time.

Next shower will be the Orionids on October 21st. Not as active but still adequate enough at about 20 meteors per hour at the maximum. Comet Halley is the parent comet for this meteoroid stream.

I desperately need a digital camera with a manual shutter speed control. Donations accepted through the Glenn Johnson Fund For Ministerial Excellence.