Monday, August 09, 2004

Saturday, I finally got to get back underground where I belong. I, along with 2 other Veritasians, made it to Wells Cave in Pulaski County, Kentucky....a 11.5+ mile-long gem of a cave (55th longest in the US). We didn't get through all 11.5 miles by any stretch.

Highlights: exploring side leads off of one of the main passages for 2.5 hours that only turned out to circle back into said main passage.....the 50-60 foot pit.....the shower room.......finding more cave under the entrance room breakdown after exploring for 5.5 hours.......crawling through ridiculous 6-12 inch deep mud in a crawlway about 3 feet high for about 40 yards and coming out in monster walking passage......the "river"........the hodags.......but the coolest thing was doing it with two buds, two brothers in Christ, two people with whom I journey in Kingdom like-mindedness. Heaven in a cave.

What's all this got to do with church planting/emerging-church stuff? I could say that the church could learn a lot from the caving community about "community," but I won't.

Lowlights: come on, it's caving!