Wednesday, July 04, 2007

I really have MUCH to update you on...Veritasian ministerial leanings/directions/developments; having just driven over 5000 miles in the last 3 weeks; realizing I've seen fully one-third of the states in the continental US since October....goofy stuff like that.

It's 330am- my usual haunting hour- my ladee of oldness and the dawg are sleeping in the community room and I'm listening to Hammock's Raising Your Voice...Trying to Stop an Echo and I'm quite fond of it at present. You should dive into it if you have a hankering for some ambient, shoegazer, dream-pop tracks that are altogether melancholic and hopeful and starkly emotionally riveting. Their musical intuitions hearken me back to my rural Tennessee roots, rife with mountain scenes and the pungent and sweet odor of valley cornfields tucked between mountains.

So this duo, from the south and living in Tennessee (you'll see good stuff DOES come from there), produced Raising Your Voice... after one of the duo lost a friend to suicide. Much of the tracks cover a theme of loss, despair and questioning and a hint of faith....not unlike what you and I have been through in the recent past.

I feel like I haven't surfaced for air in months, but my wanderings have been rich and formative. All of this brings me down to the longing to nurture my roots here in O-town for a while.