Thursday, July 19, 2007

I am back from my summit in Greensboro, NC. Wonderful people there.....quite hungry and eager for God to break into their midst and use individuals in a simple and powerful way. That seemed really evident to me.

Driving down there was luscious....saw a house fire, a tanker fire and a car on fire within about 3 hours. God even gave me a lil' bit of fire while I was down there too. That's always a delicious thing.

God to see Dave-O at the elsewhere collaborative in Greensboro...a 3-story storefront with some cool artists and splendid art installations. Somewhat in my honor (I'll go ahead and think), one of Dave's works there includes a "weather station" that allows a person visual and auditory (as well as tactile) stimulation of weather from the INSIDE. Nifty stuff.

Tomorrow, the Dana house is hosting Chad Moore and his planting team for a cookout. They are planting a church here in Oxford. Chad and I have been meeting together weekly for the past few months and the guy is pretty sharp and some God things are happening with him that I'll hopefully elaborate on later. I'm looking forward to meeting his team, but, of course, tomorrow will probably be the day we'll get severe weather.