Thursday, August 18, 2005

Getting Back At It

So, after a summer where I dipped my shoulder and right wrist into mountain bike hades as well as crunch up Veritas' summer intern's car on I-75 in Kentucky, I am ready for some excitement. How about pumping up Oxford's population to the tune of 15-16,000 people in some 3-4 days? about sitting in a bus when it's all happening? Dang- do I need another vacation already?

Got the community room decked with window treatments as well as a work station, so the major furnishings are in place and that edges up the excitment meter on my part.

Tomorrow, we help new frosh move in and Saturday we give away free hemp necklaces made by Veritasians at A Taste of Oxford. I don't know if they'll make it there.

The necklaces I mean.


Mike said...

By looking at your head I can see where all the hemp stalks went, but where are the leaves? By the dreamy look in your eyes I'll assume you now have an affinity for drinking bong water. I proclaim you "Smokedawg" Johnson. Just don't start referring to Cathy as "your fine Nubian queen"... that's where I draw the line. Later, Rastaman.

glenn said... got me rollin' man....smokedawg works for me