Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Quite an amazing time praying for Palmer and Amy Saturday. If ever there was a time when a gathering was "pregnant" with the possibility and hope of God, it was that night. (Check Chris Marshall's blog for a good recap).

Confronting the evils of dire physical sickness calls us to face mysterious, coexisting realities. Christ has indeed secured victory in its fulness by His death, burial and resurrection. We are more than conquerors and if He has everything under foot, what part of "everything" has not been included? When the enemy rears from the flanks, perhaps his greatest ploy is to tinker with our perception of the Christus Victor and lure us into thinking we are fighting him as if he were an equal or somewhere near that. By definition, you can only engage in a battle with an opponent who is worthy, if not equal to the task. The enemy is formidable, but is no longer an equal foe. We ought to continue to storm his encampment and proclaim our victory and become a fool and believe God. Does Jesus not have the keys to that realm from which the chaos of sickness originates and do we not have the name and authority to not only come against it, but to preside over it? Think of the ramifications upon all of the created order in our time and space (and any others). There is NOTHING that can prevail against the Christ, within or without the body.

Yet the fight Palmer faces may indeed feel like a battle. On the cellular level, there is indeed warfare. We still must be compelled somehow into living in this tension of the Kingdom reality in prolepsis.....come but not yet. Rest assured.....the Kingdom of the living God has "come enough" into this world to garner the healing freedom of Palmer's body. Watch and see.