Wednesday, February 23, 2005


I read about or hear you talk often about why it sucks to live in Oxford and why it is or has been hard to make the relational connections you need. For some, it may not be as bad all the time or even any of the time.....regardless, I welcome your commentary.

This is something about you I care for deeply and I want to learn more as to why it is like this for you. So consider this an exercise in learning for me. Lay it on me. I want this to be an open and honest forum for you to even vent if you need to so konw that no one will rail against you for your feelings.

These ?'s are for starters.....feel free to comment on the topic as you wish.

STUDENTS: Why has it been hard for you to make significant relationships? What is it about Oxford that hinders this? What should faith communities do to enable relationship building that is not solely entertainment-based and superficial? What are you learning about yourself in your current struggles with relationships?

TOWNIES: So what's the official definition of an Oxford here 5+ years? Maybe you've been a student at Miami or grew up here, but now you find yourself still here, trying to make a living. Where is the city failing you? What is the best and worst thing about living here? Why do you think so many young adult townies long for better things elsewhere? Is this place really God-forsaken if you have nothing to do with the university? Where can a faith community make a difference?