Monday, April 11, 2005

Saw my father, stepmother and grandmother off today after they spent the weekend with us here. This really was a special time for me to have them here with us. I don't get to see them a lot and this is the first time my father has visited me since I graduated seminary in '95. It made me ache for more time with them. It made me cogently aware of choice and sacrifice. I did manage to relish the fleeting time though.

I am reminded tonight of the richness of journeying with and abiding with a people. Receiving the reports of some major healing God has done in one life and hearing the impassioned pleas for the same hope from another on behalf of her brother. Rejoicing and taking on another desperate situation. Soul-stories and life lines laid bare and trusting one another in the directions our lives are taking. It's sweet to see the communal submission we are growing into as we mature.

Onward, weeping, kneeling, wailing, imparting wise words, encouraging and girding up our collective loins as we continue to run this race. And what a joy it is to run it together. I have so many conscientious, servant-minded people whom I call my spiritual extended family that I can't even begin to count the joys of having so many brothers and sisters.

Footballs in trees
The Jaylord flees
Sisters on their knees

Brownies in the bowl
A young man in the fold
Cords tied to his soul

Joe's come back
To a party out back
Now what's to lack?

On this good night
With friends so tight
The Kingdom in sight.