Friday, December 20, 2002

From paper boy to bus boy.........

I got my temporary CDL today and felt like I had stumped Deep Blue. Especially after flunking the air brakes and passenger part of the written exam yesterday (to which my old lady and dog-child found humorous).

So, I cried "do over!" and came back today and yakked up a 100 on the air-brakes test, much to the amazement of the test facilitator who asked me if I was a mechanic. (You see, I am told, "no one really makes that good on the air brakes test.") Responding in the negative, I warmed with a sheepish and inward pride as I mused on the past 12 years in professional ministry, the Master of Divinity degree (yak, yak, yak)- all hallmarks of a career that couldn't be further away from the mechanical.

The ministry couldn't be better.