Saturday, September 06, 2008

After close to 6 years as a full-time bus driver for the Miami Metro, I have submitted my two-week notice of resignation.

This is because on September 22, I will officially begin my new job at Indiana Wesleyan University as a Regional Student Services Advisor, having received the call from Human Resources today. After my shift, I went into my boss' office to tell her. It's really weird...I knew the bus job wasn't forever, but I have been happy there and have known many joys in my time with my mass transit colleagues. I know I'm going from a relatively predictable and low-stress job to one of significantly more in those regards, but the move is a timely one and welcome one and will benefit us quite well.

I'll opine even more over the next few weeks as I mentally and emotionally terminate from a work and a people of which and whom I have grown quite fond.


Bill said...

Wow! I had not heard that news. That's fantastic.

Nice new blog by the way. Spiritual Spelunking.

glenn said...

Thank ye kindly, Billicious. Did you guys get blown away by the winds? Y'all got more rain than we did, looks like.

modorney said...

A bus driver! I thought I was the only one! Actually I drive a train, which is like a bus, only I don't get to steer. I bet it would be interesting to hear some of your stories.

Good luck at Indiana Wesleyan! Sounds like fun.

-- Mike O