Saturday, June 14, 2008

Just updating here.....we are in Tenny, baking our nuggetts here in the 90 degree weather and really doing not much of anything. We had a rousing good time in the Nantahala with the Spengineer, camping and getting dumped on a class III rapid on the Nantahala River, with which, the Spinny-Doc found entertaining. And by "we" I do mean thee laydee of oldness. There are pics of the event as well. Yes, you will see them in due time.

We are looking forward to the return to Oxford shortly, ready to resume life there, at our home....with most of you who read this section of the cybersphere.

Shortly, I will post about the lusciousness of our severe weather event on June 3-4, 2008. I have pics too, courtesy of the Rev. Chadwick H. Moore. You've been warned.

Now, off to ingest a Mandarin Orange Chicken Salad so's I can have energy to post next time.