Friday, April 21, 2006


This Friday through Sunday shall see a handful of us camping in Hyoostun Wuuds. Blessed be I because it is a mere 10 minutes from my hoose. The Beanius and CeeMarsh and a host of Landing Place folks should be there. I am really, really looking forward not only to the usual Beanistics and the standard, hobbling Chris "One Shoe" Marshall (to whom I insisted that he bring his baseball glove, which was a dastardly thing to do, because he's just out of his air cast and will probably think he can rock around like he's used to doing. I will suggest he catch and let me least he can sit for that).

I am also eager to spend some more in-depth time with some of these people from the LP. I've been watching them, reading about them and conversing with them will be stupendously enriching.

Yes, of course, I know it will rain ridiculously hard. You had to ask.