Saturday, September 03, 2005

I know the need is nerually numbing and my sensibilities can't even hug this disaster, but I don't know if I'm ready yet for these superstar-studded benefits with promos and egos almost as big as the Katrina's eyewall itself. I know it's not impossible that celebrity can help and that some may genuinely care. If it does some good, very well then. What about writing checks in secret and not affording onesself the imposed good press that comes with headlining such a spectacle grotesquely overshadowed by this specter of suffering? Why can't potential ticket buyers just go ahead and give that money to pre-existing organizations? It's still not really selfless giving, because we're getting something irretractably and absurdly mundane.....a concert. Yeah, I should lighten up and go to bed.


deadsherpa said...

no I think you are right. the last thing we need is to see self-congratulatory politicians and celebrities making each other feel helpful. the problem is they are still at the convention center at this moment, starving, thirsty and nobody is looking...they are dying there, still, 5 days..her's my blog i wrote more there if your in the mood. thanks.

Christi Lee said...

I don't really like the idea that people are going to the big benefit concerts, either. It just seems like something is missing if you get something out of it other than the internal satisfaction that you did something to contribute. Although, money is needed and I'm sure a lot of those concert-goers would not be donating anything. Though there are many giving benefit concerts and getting lots of publicity (Miami Orchestra is trying to do something this month...) I am sure there are many artists who ARE giving money under the table that we will never know about.