Sunday, July 31, 2005

I am exasperated by the seemingly undending tirade of newsstories regarding the disappearance of yet another girl/boy/young woman. If it's not terror, global "warming," or some barrell of Middle-Eastern crude-sludge threatening to bitch slap me at the pump, it's now that if you are female, you just might disappear.

It is not that these things aren't happening. They are. It's not that there aren't horrors being committed. There are. It isn't that there aren't people hurting.

The point is that terrorization of children and women have been happening all along (yeah, even here) and now it's a more worthy news item for the major media news slop troughs. Why now all of a sudden? It isn't that these stories aren't compelling either. But considering the other hundreds and thousands who "disappear" and do not get media coverage, who is it that gets to choose who gets coverage and who doesn't? And why?

Maybe if the alphabet news channels really wanted to help, one of them would dedicate a 24-hour a day news channel solely for ALL the missing. Or could it be that some of the missing serve a greater purpose in their absence for an even more sinister agenda and that is why they get covered?

What does the reality of the Kingdom of God in our midst have to say in this culture of fear taking a bloody root in this land and in the minds of a hoodwinked populace? How does the way we live our lives and the way we experience the community of God speak hope to this? Or are we, in our present yearnings for the new emergent ideations, in danger of retreating to ecclesiastical abodes more removed and voiceless in these times and other like matters?


Victor said...

I completely agree with what you’re saying pertaining to the kidnappings. I’m convinced that there’s a bunch of people in an office somewhere that’s looking at pictures of the thousands of kids, teens and adults that where kidnapped and deciding what will make the better story.

When I think of anything that’s on the television at first I have to understand that the stories have to be compelling and then give some sort of information out that I can digest. Part of making the stories compelling is making sure they can relate to the American audience and that the American audience can feel a certain way. Also you want to get as many viewers as possible. I think the same thing is true about the news. They choose the stories they want to report biased on what people want to hear. What will entice their fear; what is most commercially acceptable.

I think that the reality of the situation is, if my mother where to disappear. It would not be on the news. If I where, it wouldn’t be on the news. If you where, it probably wouldn’t’ be on the news. If the Indian people that lived across from me where kidnapped, it wouldn’t be on the news. Some little poor Asian boy, wouldn’t be on the news. A middle classes (upper middle class) or rich kid who suddenly disappears, yea that’s more likely to make the news and be talked about until the person is found. And remember this person must be beautiful or cute.

I don’t think America cares about the kids you see on the walls of Wall-Mart. Proof of that is what does America even do for those families?

Well, yea I think that’s all I have to say. I would get into race and all of that nice friendly stuff and how race is portrayed in the media. But its been herd before, maybe it would be cliché for me to bring it up. Who knows. So I won’t (which I kind of just did) bring it up.

Sorry for the grammar, I really enjoyed your blogg post.

glenn said...

good stuff victor......thanks for responding, and feel free to speak what you want....I'm interested in hearing what you have to say