Sunday, December 19, 2004

Highlights From This Week...

Pokkit-Tankin' the heck outta the Jaylord (1.5-year win-loss record is: Glennda=148 and the Insanitor=115......I even spotted him about 10 games)

YMCA promotional literature in places where they should not be (like my home)

Fite-Klubbin with Marsh and the
Felter of Kline

Thursday dinner with the Android, the Doc, thee ladee and eventually the Lord of All Jays

Watching Spen defeat cloppers, monster frogs and other various and sundry nasties in Serious Sam

Having tha Doc in-house this weekend

Having the Doc with me stripping floors

A 35 minute power failure delay with 4:03 left in the Anderson vs. Walnut Hills blowout girls varsity basketball game

Coaxing Dave-O, Spen-Doc, and Senior Fok to assist in cleanup duties

Xmas break

The arrival of true arctic air