Thursday, January 02, 2003

Back from vacation and got the yak. Came back and refereed a basketball game and as soon as we got back in the locker room after the game, my partner hurls. He said it was the first time he upchucked in 10 years. I offered him assistance, gave him some water, got dressed, offered more assistance and condolences as I was leaving. He refused and shook my hand.

I was torn between my sympathy and the dreaded portent of shaking a man's hand who had just emerged from a toilet hug with an intesitnal bug. Hanging out with friends over the holidays whose kiddos had the chicken pox loomed over my head as well, though them chickens got me when I was a tot.

Now as I hack up my lungs and toss and turn at night and stare at the ceiling through sinus-pressure-induced tears, I can't imagine any better way to kick off the new year. Now, all of a sudden, my dog has a bum leg and I don't know how she did it. And they just called today to tell us we can't use our usual monthly location for our corporate gathering this Sunday because they are installing carpet. And someone's already punched a hole in our brand new siding at our gallery.

Yet I rejoice. It could be worse. I won't flame my circumstances.......I'll just try to creatively roll with them.