Monday, November 04, 2002

Okay. So I haven't been blogging. I thought I would spin a web in what I presumed would be my relatively obscure corner of cyberspace......piddle a bit........... until I could emerge as a hardy denizen of the blogmos.

I took a look at my blog site and thought "I'll learn a little HTML." That was a month ago and a "little" was all I've learned to date. My blog teeters still yet. I had hoped to get it real cool-like with pics and other neat stuff and get it organized better by my own bad self.

After sifting through the charred ruins of that nifty idea, I think I'll splurge and ask my new friend Alan Creech to whup up a blog that freaks......especially since I have been exposed by Kevin as a neophyte blogger (by the way Kevin, after the trek up to Greenhouse last Saturday, I am thoroughly convinced that your family ROCKS!......especially the kidlets..........thanks to you and Tracy for letting me bum the ride- you guys are awesome........and tell Zoe to "look at the pits!").