Wednesday, September 25, 2002

I want to create a weapon of mass construction.

From what I can divulge from my intel sources, I have ascertained that all of the raw materials are being and have been smuggled in on the white market as planned. All of the components and the personnel necessary to create the system and deploy it are being mobilized well within enemy territory. The delivery system is certifiably grass-roots, if not simple and subversive. The ignition system requires the frequent gathering of Elite Commandos who cleverly pose as graduate/undergraduate students, teachers, computer technicians and University employees. The most exotic material- the verifiable Wildcard in the plan- is the Fuel that generates the explosive force. Some recon reports assert this Fuel is indeed “other-worldly.” Zero-hour approaches and when the Commander gives the go-ahead, the results of the detonation will be nothing short of spectacular.

No large, towering mushroom clouds and ensuing illness from unseen particles………this cloud spreads underground- infusing new life and infecting with freedom.

When this bomb goes off in the middle of my new city (and certainly others), the blast’s electromagnetic pulse, the searing heat flash and the overpressure from the blast wave will shatter the windows of the enemy, cripple his vehicles of personal destruction and utterly cave his fortress walls. There will be no fallout shelter for him…….concentration camps of the wounded will spew forth in incredible Light.


Okay……..I can’t build such a bomb. But God can……..and he has. And he will. My newfound brothers and sisters have willingly shown us the blueprints from their own war theater. Thank God for these warriors laying down their lives. I want to be like the Jesus in them.

No more pock-marked craters with shrapnel and a wide debris spray. No more lost limbs in the killing fields. This bomb smartly penetrates and crumbles the concrete fortress/temple of Me. This bomb builds a body.